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Can anyone recommend a good printer brand. I've previously used HP and find the ink etc too expensive..?

Brother all-in-one printers,are cheap and reliable.鈥?/a>

The best thing about it is you can get the ink for拢2.88p all seperate full cartridges blue,cyan,yellow,black.鈥?/a>Can anyone recommend a good printer brand. I've previously used HP and find the ink etc too expensive..?
olivetti. reasonable price and cartridges are reasonableCan anyone recommend a good printer brand. I've previously used HP and find the ink etc too expensive..?

These brands are very good and they also have cheap inks.I think tha the lexmark are the cheapest,and they are very good printers.
i have a cannon pixma 14000 and have just bought ink cartridges from morrisons for 拢2.99 for black and 拢5 .99 for three colours .i have never found anything negative against this printer .it prints beautifully.
I have been useing an'; EPSON'; and found the Inks the cheapest of all I previously had a Cannon and they were pricey.My son is now useing a Epson he used a lexmark and found the inks were pricey Epson every time.
look it depends how much you plan to print the reason Cannon and Epson are so cheap is because they do nott include new print heads w/every cartridge so down the road 4 or 5 ink carts the quality starts to degrade and you have to buy a new ink cart/print head which is in the 50 dollar range.

Myself I use to sell printers so I would never buy a cannon. Rpson though gives you alot for the money if you plan on replacing the printer at the 2-3 yr mark. Their printers are $60-$120...and the ink is $15-$25 the only problem is finding their carts....every yr or 2 they make a new version of the 3 or 4 printers out and change their carts which since they are not as popular as the other guys makes you go to an office store to find the ink that may be in short supply.

This is why I would either stick w/ your HP and just get my carts refilled at Walgreens or Offixe Depot $10 to $15 or buy a Lexmark.

When buying a printer ask a couple questions,

1) Does this include full carts or starter ink?

2)How easy is it to find ink? (You want 1 that has carts the #on the cart not the brand name that are sold at Wallmart, Walgreens, etc.)

3)Will I be forced to buy another set of carts to print Photos.

4) Realisticly why am I buying this printer? If it is truely only to print text documents(unrealistic eventualy everyone wants to print some form of color document, cartoon, or picture) then your best bet is to get a low cost Brother all-in-one (cheapest toner) or a low cost HP Laser printer. While both cost around $200 bucks the toner that comes w/ them will get you into the 200 page mark.

5) If you plan on purchasing it to print color pictures HP has the best print technoligy.

6) If you need an all-in-one Lexmark has a modle in the $50 range
I have always used Epson printers. Recently when I needed a new printer my son did research and told me to buy Canon. I bought the Canon 4300. I would highly recommend it. It is a delight to work with and prints professionally.
try going to a walgreens drug store.they refill ink 10 dollars for black,15 dollars for color.
This site look good... for ink or for printer and ink ... .. and just for printer go to explore pc world then click printers ( i know ur not dumb am just tellin u ).
That's the problem with inkjets the ink is incredibly expensive, the print heads become clogged and if you don't use it for a while the cartridges dry out. Try laser, they are now more affordable, Samsung has a model for around $250 and a set color of toners will print about 1,000 pages (2 reams) at 5% coverage, if printing black only the yield is about double that they are faster, quieter, and the toner doesn't dry out.鈥?/a>
Epson cartridges don't have built in print heads, so that makes them cheaper - especially if you buy compatible cartridges from third party suppliers. Like all other printer manufacturers, Epson will quite happily charge you through the nose for ';original'; cartriges if you let them.

I use third party cartridges. Every time I go to print something the Epson driver puts a message on my screen telling me that I might do terrible terrible damage to my printer if I dare to use anything other than Epson original cartridges. That is tommy rot. The only time I've used their cartridges is the ones which came with the printer, and my printer still works perfectly.

To correct what pete5125 said, Epson print heads are built into the printer, and you couldn't replace them even if you wanted to, short of sending the printer back to the factory. Epson printers use piezo electric print heads, and that makes them more rugged than the thermal print heads used by other manufacturers.

I had a Lexmark before my current printer, and the cartridges cost me a fortune - 拢15 for a teaspoonful of ink. Most Epson compatible cartridges will give you about four times as much ink for between 拢6 and 拢12 depending upon make.

I just cannot believe the comments above about Lexmark cartridges being cheap, unless prices are very different in America.
all ink is expensive, its how they make a profit, hardware is zero profit
Canon printers are the best
first of all dont buy an inkjet printer anymore get a laser one the laser ones may seem expensive up top but they will save u much more money the ink for laser costs 50 dollars but each thing can print up to 2000 pages i woulg get a samsung clx3160fn if i were you
For the most part Lexmark printers have the cheapest ink with most cartridges under $20

They also have out now a multifunction model with a scanner and all that that's under $50 at you local Wally-World.

Hope that helps, and happy printing!

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