Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HP ink refill, cartridge wont stop leaking..why?

I bought an ink refill kit the other day and i refilled my HP tricolour ink cartridge that had run out the day before. I've never tried refilling before but i followed the instructions and did everything correctly according to the leaflet. It was done about 20 hours ago and since then i've left it to slowly stop dripping...but it hasn't

any thoughts?HP ink refill, cartridge wont stop leaking..why?
You may have inserted the syringe into to the sponge too deep and damaged it and the ink can't be retained by the sponge inside the cartridge. If it's leaking then it will have to be replaced 20 hours of leaking is not a good sign that it is now usable.The syringe needle only needs to go in to the sponge less that half of it's length. If its not punctured then you have overfilled it with ink as you only need about 3ml of each colour or less in the tricolour HP and once you see ink coming out of the refill hole stop and draw back the syringe to remove the excess ink. If you have overfilled it place the syringe back in and suck the ink back out - you can put the removed ink back into the bottle. If that does not work then you will have to buy a new cartridge as it will leak inside your printer.HP ink refill, cartridge wont stop leaking..why?
i think you have refilled the cartriage more than the limit they have sign on it to fill ii about this level . and may be you dont't see that its ok just make ur cartiage out and clean it again and if possible just remove little ink out . clean it praperly and make sure the cartiiage is closed properly.

just clean the place wher you put the cartiage.

try once again
Did you replace the label over the top of the re-fill holes? If not put a piece of sticky tape (Sellotape) over them. The holes lead to sponges which hold the ink. If you don't stopper the holes the ink just seeps out of the holes at the bottom due to gravity.
maybe over filled the whole idea of self refils is as cheap as it is effective im affraid

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