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How long will un-opened ink for an hp printer last?

How long will un-opened ink for an hp printer last ?

will the ink stay good if it is 2, 3 or 4 years old and still un opened?

Thanks in advanceHow long will un-opened ink for an hp printer last?
Hp's are usually time stamped with an expiration date on the back or bottom of the cartridge. It is usually just over 2 years after the manufacture date. Some cartridges will work beyond that point unless it is smart chipped.How long will un-opened ink for an hp printer last?
This is about how old the ink is before it is sold at you local reason why it shouldn't last longer. Don't open the plastic wrap and keep it in a ';room temperature'; dark place to limit light and heat exposure and there should be no reason why it shouldn't. I bought extra ink and used it a year later without issues.

Heat would be your biggest enemy as heat will vaporize the liquid and leave you with goo even though the package is sealed
I was wondering the same thing, and is it the same for HP laserjet toner?

If you install the ink cartridge before the “install-by” date, the in-printer-life will be 30 months. If the ink cartridge is installed after the “Install-by” date, the in-printer-life will less than 30 months (example, if installed one month after the “install-by” date, the in-printer-life will be 29 months). Once the ink cartridge has been installed in the printer for 30 months, it will automatically be shut off. This is to prevent potential damage to the rest of the printer’s writing system.


This product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the period of the warranty. If the product is defective, contact HP (or your retailer) before the end of warranty date.

The end of warranty date appears on both the cartridge and the printhead (see Figure 1 below) in a year, month, day format (YYYY/MM/DD).

It is important to be aware of the recommended shelf life of the consumables, in particular the cartridges.…

NOTE: The cartridge has a recommended shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.

A label with the manufacture date is placed on the side of the cartridge. HP recommends that cartridges be installed in a printer before the end of the 12 month shelf life. The recommended install-by date can be calculated by adding 12 months to the manufacture date.

Minimize the risk of print head failures:

The reason HP recommends that there is a shelf life for the print head, is to minimize the risk of print head failures during installation, failures that are caused by dried ink residue on the nozzle plate.

In general, the longer the print head remains in storage prior to installation, the greater the chance that dried ink residue will cause missing or mis-directed nozzles during installation.

Reason for recommending shelf life date:

The shelf life of the cartridge is anticipated to be one year from the date of manufacture. However, this is not a hard date. The shelf life is recommended only to minimize the risk of print head failures during installation. If a print head exceeds the shelf life, it is still quite acceptable to install the print head as per normal.
Keep all print cartridges in their sealed packages until needed. Print cartridges should be stored at room temperature 15.6-26.6 degrees C, 60-78 degrees F)

--%26gt; Do not remove the plastic tape covering the ink nozzles until you are ready to install the print cartridge in the printer. If the plastic tape has been removed from the print cartridge, do not attempt to reattach it. Reattaching the tape damages the print cartridge.

--%26gt; When print cartridges are removed from either their sealed containers or the printer, store them in an airtight plastic container (one cartridge per container) or use a print cartridge protector. If you store the print cartridge in an airtight plastic container make sure that the ink nozzles face down.

--%26gt; A print cartridge protector comes with the photo print cartridge.

The install by date is found on the ink cartridge packaging. This date is calculated by adding 18 months to the manufacturing date.
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