Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How can i check my printer ink levels, i have a HP printer.?

Click on the ';Start'; menu button which is located on bottom left hand corner of your screen. Click on the control panel icon.

Look for the printer/fax icon in the control panel window. Double click on the printer icon.

Find the icon for your printer in the opened window and right click on the icon. Now click on the ';Preferences'; option.

Look for the menu box pop up with tabs near the top of the box. Click on the ';Services'; tab.

Click on ';Service this device.'; You will find the button on the Services menu that you just activated.

Click on the estimated ink level tab and a graphic will appear indicating how much ink is left in the cartridge

PLEASE NOTE: Your printer needs to be connected to your computer, plugged in and switched on

Hope this helps!How can i check my printer ink levels, i have a HP printer.?
Click HP Director on desktop. Go to settings, then tools, then click on ink levels.How can i check my printer ink levels, i have a HP printer.?
Depending on what utilities you loaded, there should be a tab in the printer properties that will give a report. The new ones have a screen and shows levels on the display. You can always go to HP support and check the FAQ section to see if there is a suggested method.
Do you have ';HP Solution Center';,it should have loaded if you installed your printer from a CD .If you do go to settings and click it, then select ';print settings/printer toolbox.At the top of the page RH side, 2nd line down you will see estimated ink levels, click on this and provided your printer is switched on and connected to your computer it will display ink levels
You should get a message pop up on your screen when you're printing to remind you that the ink is getting low.It will tell you if it's the coloured or black that needs replacing.
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