Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How much is ink for printer hp printer?

i bought my hp ink

i have 74 xl and 75 xl ink

it's black and color ink

the xl means that its bigger than regular size

it cost $60 for both... so it's a good deal, and its about $30 for one... and you can get it refilled at your local walgreens or something for $10-$15... and i do suggest you buy hp printer b/c the xl prints about 500 pages (it claims on the package)... i've printed about 100 total with it, its still good...How much is ink for printer hp printer?
Printer ink generally is pretty expensive. I don't know exactly what

model of HP you have, but a color and b/w cartridge could cost you a

total of 50-60 dollars. Office depot or office max has replacement

cartridges that don't have the HP name on them, but are totally

compatible. You could probably save about 50% if you buy these


MikeHow much is ink for printer hp printer?
It could be 20-40 dollars. Go to the store to make sure. The color cartridges cost more than the black just to let you know. You might also want to buy the inks in packages(black and color together) because I think that it is a bit cheaper.
If you buy new compatible or re-manufactured cartridges, the price is really good, and the quality is very reliable!鈥?/a>
40-45 color

40-45 black

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