Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Does anyone know where i can buy CHEAP hp ink cartridges from?

i live in birmingham.Does anyone know where i can buy CHEAP hp ink cartridges from?
I need some aswell - too expensive, although Tescos own brand are a bit cheaper and just as goodDoes anyone know where i can buy CHEAP hp ink cartridges from?
Maybe Jersey.

Sorry, that is all I can tell you.
I buy mine from a company in Cornwall,found them very competative,(
Check out Bigdoggpinc this site has something worth looking at;鈥?/a>
go to a local computer fair or.............

google then click on froggle

or buy an epson
Hello go to Northfield and along the main drag on the right hand side of the road is a market called one shop and inside there is a really good ink cartridge supplier also all sort of other computor or stationary cheapest i have found.
Cartridge World is amazing. They refill your cartridges cheply and they have good service, (By the way that kitten picture is so cute!)鈥?/a>
Refil it
yo'd have to look around but alot of smaller computer shops now do refills
eurojet go on to the internet
Go to they are cheap and delivery is swift.
check on compatables at these 2 sites

choice stationary

both are good on compatables
Hi baby cakes, why not try getting them refilled, there are shops that refill your cartridges for you at a fraction of the cost
HP? - you are better off getting rid of it and getting an Epson.... even the original cartridges are about 1/2 the price - the compatibles are peanuts too. DO NOT get a Lexmark - it is cheaper to buy a new printer each time than to get a set of lexmark cartidges!

try online remanufactured cartridge stockists (ink4less, jettec etc..) type: 'compatible ink cartridge' into yahoo search - you'll get loads up. And don't forget your small local stationers - they will quite often offer you a great deal (They are happy to haggle, big companies and online will not!)

We have always used as they are very cheap

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