Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cheapest place to buy ink for a hp photosmart printer?

I have a photosmart 7260 printer and i am after black ink and coloured ink. not photo ink as i just want to do printoffs for my daughter, so i am after the cheapest possible.Cheapest place to buy ink for a hp photosmart printer?
Juss sleep with the guy @ the cashier counter n u wil get the bess pric, friii!Cheapest place to buy ink for a hp photosmart printer?
There are several places that will refill your ink cartridges. Do a google search on refilled printer cartridges and see if you can locate one in your area. Walgreen's does it here, but I think it is pretty common in some of the office supply stores in the larger cities.
Not sure about the HP 7260 specifically, but I've found Maplin are very cheap on most HP inks. eg for my HP3822 the colour ink was 拢10 cheaper than anywhere else.;FromMenu=y%26amp;doy=11m2%26amp;MenuName=Hewlett%20Packard

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You may buy it at\hp-ink-products.asp you enter the website you will see all printer models listed under hp photo-smart choose whatever model you are using.
I don't know if it's the cheapest - but I have found them reliable (genuine stock and prompt delivery) for branded ink cartridges .


compatible ink cartridges are always cheaper; see black and colour ink combo special offer.

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