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Where can I get refill ink for HP printer ink cartilages?

Im using number 74 and 75. I read 74 (black) runs out fast. Where can I get refill ink cuz i hear it lasts longerWhere can I get refill ink for HP printer ink cartilages?
Your HP-74 Black ink capacity is 05 ml.; it costs $14.99 @ Wal-Mart.

HP also has a 74XL Black cartridge; it holds ~ 15 ml of ink, %26amp; costs $29.87 @ Wal-Mart.

Your HP-75 Tri-Color ink capacity is 05 ml; it costs $17.98 @ Wal-Mart.

HP also has a 75XL Tri-Colorl it holds ~ 14 ml of ink, %26amp; costs $34.89 @ Wal-Mart.

There is really very little difference between Wal Mart %26amp; On-Line HP prices; generally, less that $1.00 per cartridge; there are cases where HP is actually cheaper that Wal Mart.

Refilling Ink Cartridges - It seems to be true that OEM's [Original Equipment Manuf.] last slightly longer than refills, but not by much.

I have been refillig my own Inkjet cartridges for about 3 months now - have made some rookie mistakes - %26amp; once, quite a mess - HOWEVER -

It is costing me ~ $1.00 each to refill my HP-21 Black [05 ml] %26amp; HP-22 Tri-color [05 ml.].

It is costing me ~ $1.75 to $2.00 each to refill my HP-15 Black [25 ml], %26amp; HP-78 Tri-Color [19 ml].

I mentioned I've made rookie mistakes - if you refill your own inkjet cartridges, the two [%26amp; there are more] most important things I would say are:

01. Use the correct ink for your cartridges / printer, especially with Black; Black Ink comes in ';Dye Based'; or ';Pigmented'; - if you have a HP, Dell, Cannon {most}, or Lexmark printer, you will need to use ';Pigmented'; Black'; - this is important, since printers that use Dye-Based vs. Pigmented have a completely different way of getting the ink to the paper [Printheads].

There are Ink Suppliers that sell so-called, ';Universal Inks'; - they claim these inks will work in any printer - DON'T BELIEVE IT - so called ';Universal Inks'; are nothing but a disaster waiting to happen.

02. Do Not Overfill Cartridges - fill to ~ 80% capacity; no more. This is especially true when refilling ';Tri-Color'; - overfilling will result in ';Cross-Contamination'; - the colors will not print correctly.

If you do start refilling your own cartridges, it becomes eaiser after 2-3 times; there are many websites that will help get you started; search for, ';Inkjet Cartridge Refilling'; - I will list three of them in the sources box.

Good Luck,

Ken C.

';Little Covered Wagon Cartridge X-change';Where can I get refill ink for HP printer ink cartilages?
I think Walgreens pharmacy refills, or check out this website,
probably at sams or walmart
You can buy it online at very cheap rates...

I always buy them from this site ..鈥?/a>

hope that helps ..

good luck ...

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