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Where can I purchase ink (HP 20) online for a low price?

The printer i have is HP Deskjet 648C. i only need to purchase the black ink. i would like it to be free shipping. also the site need to be reliable because i'll be using my friend credit card. also i would like some info on refills and where u guys purchase your ink.Where can I purchase ink (HP 20) online for a low price?
Your HP-20 Black Inkjet Cartridge costs $29.99 @ HP website [Free Shipping], %26amp; $29.87 @ Wal Mart. [Free ';Store-To-Store'; Shipping].

Walgreen's generally do a good job with their refilling, %26amp; they will refill the HP-20 for $10.00.

Your HP-20 Black holds 28 ml of ink.

*Conversion Note: 1 Gallon {Ink} ='s 3,784 ml.

If you consider starting to refill your own Inkjet Cartridges, there are many websites that will help you get started; I will list three of them in the sources box; you can also search for ';Inkjet Cartridge Refilling';.

%26lt;PrinterInkWarehouse%26gt; sells a ';Starter-Kit';; it contains all four colors [Black, Yellow, Magnetta, %26amp; Cyan], two syringes, instrustions, pictures, %26amp; toll-free Tech assistence; the cost is ~ $30.00.

I have been refilling my own HP Inkjet Cartridges for ~ 4 months now; the cost of buying my cartridges - new -:

HP-21 Black [05 ml ink]; ~ $16.00

HP-22 Tri-Color [05 ml ink]; ~ $19.00

HP-15 Black [25 ml ink]; ~ $30.00

HP-78 Tri-Color [19 ml ink]; ~ $35.00.

It cost me ~ $1.00 each to refill my HP-21 %26amp; 22.

It cost me ~ $1.75 each to refill my HP-15 %26amp; 78.

If you do start refilling your own Inkjet Cartridges, the two most important things I could say [ %26amp; there are others] are:

01. Use the correct ink. Your HP printer will need to use

';Pigmented'; Black; NOT Dye-Based or [so-called] Universal Inks. [NEVER USE UNIVERSAL INKS].

02. Do Not Overfill - Refill to ~ 80% only - no more.

This is especially true when refilling ';Tri-Color'; cartridges ; overfilling will result in ';Cross-Contamination'; - the colors will not print correctly.

If you refill a HP cartridge, you're ';Estimated Ink Levels'; will show zero ink - you're printer will print fine. This is just another attempt, by HP, to discourge refilling [They have embeded serial numbers in the copper conductors - Strips A HP printer ';Remembers'; the last two cartridges in the printer] - there are ways around this - to where your ';Estimated Ink Levels'; will show correctly - this information can be obtained @ below listed websites, or you're welcome to ';IM'; of E-mail me.

Good Luck,

Ken C.

';Little Covered Wagon Cartridge X-change';Where can I purchase ink (HP 20) online for a low price?
Ebay is good for ink. HP 20 is often sold on ebay in mutipacks.
i buy my ink from here i also only buy new printers that i need only if i can buy re manufactured ink my whole family has had great luck with this company

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