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Is it worth it to buy the refill kits for my ink cartridges for my HP printer?

I've talked to some people who said they're fine, but other people told me they're nothing but a mess and not worth the hassle. Anyone ever try them, and how did it go???Is it worth it to buy the refill kits for my ink cartridges for my HP printer?
A 3rd option you might want to consider is to have a store refill your cartridge. Some outlets of Staples and Walgreens provide the service now. I didn't want to mess with the cartridge myself, so I figured I would leave it to the pros. For my cartridges, the cost of a refill was $10, while a new one would have been about 3 times more. It's certainly worth the try. I've only used the refill service a couple of times, but I'm satisfied with the output. One more thing to consider, many cartridges are recycled after use, and I assume that some of the cartridges are resold to consumers. In short, you might be using recycled cartridges already and just not getting the cost savings.Is it worth it to buy the refill kits for my ink cartridges for my HP printer?
That really does depend upon the type of cartridge/printer you have.. Some are worth it, some are not.

Keep in mind in order to refill you have to have a cartridges which is working very very well prior to refilling. You have to put exactly the right amount of ink in the cartridges and most cartridges will not last more than one or two refills even if they are in great condition.

most refill kits use universal inks which are good for a slew pf printers and models, this ink is prone to clogging and problems. A good refill kit is designed specifically for your cartridges. Not all ink is create alike.

If you are inclines to try it, there really isn't any harm, worse case scenario you are out a few bucks.
If you are looking for a no mess alternative to refilling ink I would suggest getting a continuous ink is equal to 61 cartridges of each color so the need to refill it is alot less often. They are easy to install and not messy at took me about 5 minutes to get mine completely installed and when I need to refill it the tanks are outside of my printer so there is no need to remove the cartridges. The cartridges are also set with non-expiring chips so there is no need to reset the printer. I am very please with the quality of the ink also. It has saved me a fortune. The best place I found that has all printers is here http://www.printer-ink-cartridge-refills鈥?/a> Printer Ink Cartridge Refills and Continuous Ink Systems

Good luck and happy printing :-)
Use the right refill ink made for your printer. Full instructions usually come with them. The important parts of the process are

*don't touch the bottom where the print head is

*be very sure to plug up the filling hole VERY tight otherwise the ink pours out at the bottom.

You can't refill dozens of times, as the print heads wear out. But it's a big saving while the printing comes out ok.

It is especially useful if you run out of one colour but would have to replace all of them (3-in-one cartridges).

I did a bulk pamphlet printing job once for which we bought the ink wholesale in 1 pint bottles and had to refill twice a day. Huge saving and only the first 3 or 4 copies came out a bit smeared after every fill.
In my experience, anything using a needle syringe is automatically suspect. I've tried some on an old Sharp fax. That one worked beautifully until the machine itself died. I've also tried it on my Deskjet 500C (yes, that still works!) but that didn't work so well.

What I've found that works most of the time is the Data Products refill kit in Office Depot. This one uses small flat circular ink tanks and has a soda-can-sized infuser. For $20 or so you can refill a cartridge about 3 times. This one works much better than those syringe-type refills that involves drilling holes. Takes a bit more time, but far less messy.
I tried it, and it's just not worth the trouble. I buy refilled carts from Carrot Inc. and Rhino, and those work well 95% of the time. (They take back the empties, and replace any that fail.) The only downside is that your onscreen ink level monitor probably won't work, but if you keep spares on hand that's not really a problem.

On my opinion, I think buying a cartridge is better than refilling an old one. The old one can get damaged and the refill kits may not put your computer at its best..

this is only my opinion.. by the way, check the warranty contract thingy... ^^
i've never use the refill kits but iknow they are mess but they're worth the hassil if you want to save money. or you could go to cartrige world
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