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How can refill ink to hp deskject D1560 printer?

i want refill its colour and black ink carideges to hp deskject d 1560 printerHow can refill ink to hp deskject D1560 printer?
Re-filling an ink jet is a common thing in practice,

and can be done by any normal person with little logic and skill.

using a disposable syringe and pumping ink via a small hole located at topside below sticker is the way.

I don't think it is good idea to refill color cartridge. Matching Ideal colors needs skilled choice of colors and expertise.

any good open branded ink like Image king are enough. To give good Result For ';Black';. Black ink generally used more than color.

Filling the ink immediately before it's Nozzles are still wet, give more ';Success Rate';.

HP-D1560 is user friendly Nothing to fear.

with sufficient information and knowledge task may be still easier.

In case of certain brands like Epson Inbuilt chip will not function when a general user did refiling.How can refill ink to hp deskject D1560 printer?
You can refill ink cartridges yourself or take them to a store to get them refilled, but keep in mind that you take a big risk for many reason.

It is not rocket science to punch a hole in a cartridge and to inject an inferior ink into the cartridges. Remember that you get what you pay for.

Most often the case, you simply do not get the quality print when you refill the cartridge yourself. The manufacturers (HP) in your case has a specific blends of ink and the color of ink used for that particular printer cartridge is different than that used in another inkjet printer. Therefore you will likely have poor quality prints.

Another major factor is that you may get ink spills into your printer and damage your printer internally.

You will almost always get a lower page yield per cartidge. For instance. A new cartidge may give you 200 pages per cartidge. Your refill may only give 85-90 pages if and ONLY IF IT EVEN WORKS.

Also, many printer cartridges have chips on them. The printer will often reject the cartidge even after you refill it.

The moral of refilling yourself is not as easy as it sounds. Yes some people have good results, but likely you will save money in the long run from leaving it to experts with the proper equipment. is a good contact for prices. EnviroTone Imaging carries a complet line of ink and toner.
It is real easy, I do it all the time

You can't go by the colors on the label as they do not match the colors in the well. So, take a toothpick and insert it into the holes to determine the true color of each.

Here is a site with more information

Your three colors are Cyan (blue)

Maganta (red)

very easy to refill

buy the ink refill kit from the market, and a pair of 7 1/2 size surgical gloves from the pharmacy shop, to protect the hands from spilled ink.

read the instructions inside the refill kit packet
u can get particularly some special ink for refilling into the catridge... u can use injection to refill it.... if ur refill color u have refill with three colors of ink RED, BLUE,and GREEN... with agzact contity or else color will fade...
Check out this article on how to refill a hp inkjet cartridge鈥?/a>

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