Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How do i know hp ink cartridge is low in ink?

my copies are coming out faint and blurred on the bottom third of the pageHow do i know hp ink cartridge is low in ink?
Try shaking the ink cartrige it self. If still not printing clearly i would suggest getting some new cartiges.How do i know hp ink cartridge is low in ink?
HP printers have software that allows you to view the ink levels. Go to Start%26gt;All Programs. Look for your HP software and you'll see it in the ';Printer Assistant';.
You are low on ink. Any time you see fading, your ink is low.
I'd say you're low on ink.

HP lately has software that purports to tell you when the ink is low, but I think it's an estimate based on how much the printer has been used since the last cartridge was inserted. I know my wife's printer ran fine for weeks after getting a low-ink warning, both on-screen and via an idiot light on the printer.

Interestingly enough, their cartridges used to be clear plastic so you could see how much you had left. Now they're dark black. Hmmmmm. Couldn't be a marketing trick to sell cartridges before they're actually needed, could it?
your cartrige is definately low in ink. some hp printers notify you when youre low on ink.
Don't know which model, so can't tell you how, but try cleaning the heads by whichever method it offers.

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