Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Should I get new ink for my HP deskjet 656C or buy a new Lexmark Z611?

I want to connect a color inkjet printer to a computer for occasional printing out of web pages, rebate coupons, etc. Very light use, 2-3 pages a week.

I have an HP Deskjet 656c inkjet printer that hasn't been used much, but because of that the ink dried out so it needs new cartridges. It seems to work OK aside from that. I figure new ink in compatible (not OEM) cartridges is about $30.00. I have never used this printer, I got it from my son who didn't need it. It gets fair to middling reviews on the net.

OR... I could get a brand new Lexmark Z611 from Office Depot for $19.99 with free shipping. With tax, about $22.00. It probably comes with a starter ink cartridge that'll last me quite a while.

What should I do? Get ink for the HP or get the new Z611?

Answers from people who actually have one or both of these printers will be on track to get the ';best answer';.Should I get new ink for my HP deskjet 656C or buy a new Lexmark Z611?
HP i think is the better one out of the 2. I have an HP Deskjet 600 which was made in 1996 and it stills works great. I have a lexmark Z611 and the ink for that don't last long. My HP ink lasts much longer than the lexmark. I do a lot of color printing and the HP lasts around 75-100 pages more than the lexmark. The lexmark also prints very slow.

The ink for the HP is more than the lexmark but the HP lasts longer. But with me i only use the color ink. which is 34.00. and just using one lasts me a long time.Should I get new ink for my HP deskjet 656C or buy a new Lexmark Z611?
Set your ink cartridges in warm water or alcohol solution over nite, then carefully pat the bottom of cartridge (don't run) reset and it should work, the solution will or should clean the print heads. I do this all time on HP when I haven't used it awhile. As to the Lexmark--you get what you pay for--I been that route too and that is why I stay with HP. Good Luck
both of the printer , will give you same problem in the future, all your ink cartridges will dried up, why not buy a laserjet printer it is more economical in the long run and the toner will not dry up just shake it well after long storage or non usage.

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