Monday, December 21, 2009

Do the modern HP printers support 3rd party ink?

About to buy a printer... My brother has warned me that most printer companies have created ink systems that don't allow for knock-off cartridges to be used. Is that true?Do the modern HP printers support 3rd party ink?
Some do.

The biggest issue you will encounter is a loss of ink level. However if you are not overly attached to your ink status monitor it is worth the saving.

The ones which you will encounter the greatest issues with are printers which take the HP 02 cartridges. THere are a lot of 3rd party chips on the market which do not register at all, so ink level loss across 6 cartridges with your printer shutting down when one is empty is a huge problem. However there are SOME on the market which work, however it is a guessing game.

With the 2 cartridge systems you will be fine. Some of the newer HP's which take number 60, 74 and 75 cartridges are not yet available in a third party, however will be shortly.

It is easy to get third party canon and brother cartridges, 3rd party brother cartridges work seamlessly, if you are looking for no headaches in a cartridge get a brother.

However, if you can deal with the odd little loss of ink monitor, or your printer warning you constantly that you are out of ink get an HP or Canon.

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