Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Refilling your own HP Ink Cartridges. Is it easy to learn? Anyone doing this?

I'm spending $70 to $100 per month on cartridges. This is crazy. I see kits for sale on the internet. Would like to hear from someone knowedgeable on this. Thanks.Refilling your own HP Ink Cartridges. Is it easy to learn? Anyone doing this?
Most HP cartridges are very easy to refill. If you have a newer block style cartridge you will simply just peel back the label and inject the ink in to one of the 5 holes on top.

You will want to make sure you are keeping the cartridge is very good condition, this includes running print head cleanings every 3 weeks. This frees up any debris that get caught in the print head.

Remember that cartridges are designed for single use and the electronics and print head will break down. With a newer style cartridge you will be lucky to get 3-5 refills out of one cartridge.

Also be advised that HP has installed a memory on it's newer printer, it will most likely not fully recognize the cartridge as full or a new cartridge, rather you will have to deal with not having an ink level indicator and constant pop ups that your cartridge is low.

You can beat the memory by gathering a collection of 3-5 cartridges and installing them one by one, and the end of the queue install the refilled cartridge. This will most likely reset the printers memory and it will think the refilled cartridge is in fact a new cartridge.

Also make sure you are purchasing a kit designed for you printer, newer models use a high purity ink that is a very light dye based black. A thicker darker ink will clog the cartridge immediately preventing it from working. This is also important to getting the most accurate instructions.

good luck. Make sure that you allow the cartridge to stand for about an hour before installing to ensure that it is not leaking.Refilling your own HP Ink Cartridges. Is it easy to learn? Anyone doing this?
u can purchase this type of kit from the open market. its very cheap and u can refill easily.
Actually, here in the Philippines piracy and resourcefulness is being practiced..we only spend about 400 to 500 pesos for the ink and refill the empty cartridge for yourself. all you need is a syringe and the ink..very simple..
What kind of HP is it that you're trying to refill?

If it's an inkjet, any $10-$20 kit will do (although the cartridges themselves can be a bother to open), but if it's a laser printer, I think you'd be better off doing a web search for getting what you need at a ';bulk buy'; discount.

Frankly, I don't think it's worth it to even refill your own cartridges if using an inkjet because of the mess, the extra wear and tear on your printer heads, etc. I was lucky enough to find a local distributor in my home town that sells ';already refilled'; cartridges for $10 each (2 black for $10 or 1 triple color for $10). I'm sure the price varies by product, but they are the best deal in town as far as I could find. Their name is USA Toners %26amp; Cartridges, Inc. and they're located in San Diego, California.

Good luck.

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