Saturday, December 26, 2009

Where can I get CHEAP ink for HP Officejet 5610?

I have the printer, HP Officejet 5610, and its a nice printer, but seems to go through ink pretty fast. Now, we all know, ink does not come cheap these days.

Anywhere I can buy cheap ink?

You know when you refill cartridges, will refilling them be better than buying ink?

Is the quality of Refill ink, the same as a regualr new ink cartridge?Where can I get CHEAP ink for HP Officejet 5610?
All three of the following sites offer great customer service and reasonably priced printer ink cartridges for your OfficeJet 5610

In Canada give Inkjet Oasis a shot:鈥?/a>

In the US, try PrintCountry:

In the UK, head over to Eezytrade:鈥?/a>Where can I get CHEAP ink for HP Officejet 5610?
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ebay sells cheap ink
All I can think of is they have everything cheap there.
just try i did find some good HP deals there...i donno whether they have on refill inks or not...good luck
i buy the compatible ones from

they give discounts for buying a few at at time
you should of went spec savers!

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