Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does any one know how to refill hp 88 ink cartridges?

I've refilled cartridges before but not this model. Please help if you can, these things are expensive.Does any one know how to refill hp 88 ink cartridges?
You don't they are both smart chipped and date stamped. No amount of refilling will get them to registers again.

Cost per drop, the 88's are actually the cheapest printer cartirdge on the market.

You can get compatibles for about half the price if you are looking to save any more.Does any one know how to refill hp 88 ink cartridges?
You can buy Universal Refill Kits, which can be used in Epson, Canon, Brother, HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Compaq and Okidata.

They come with instructions, It's very easy to refill HP 88 if you follow the instruction.


Refilling ink cartridges is the best way to kill your printer. There are several messages here every day from someone complaining that they refilled and now their printer won't work. There are a few here right now. If you want to save money, buy brand new compatibles (and not remanufactured).
I bought a refill kit from Office Depot. Refilled an HP 45 cartridge for a HP DeskJet 722. It leaked and messed up my printer. Big effort to clean it up. Returned the kit and bought an HP cartridge. I now rather save on toilet paper, but not on ink.
Check out this site for instructions on how to do it

I always refill my ink cartridges
If you read the printer book that came with your printer it may explain it and give you step by step instructions or i would google it!
It is not recommended that you do this. You can do damage to your printer. Look for deals on genuine HP ink instead.
Sounds weird but I've heard that Walgreens can refill them. Might want to check them out if you have a local one.

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