Monday, December 21, 2009

How do I refill my HP color ink cartridge?

It is an HP tri-Color Print Cartridge 93 and also a C9361W I know the concept on how to refill them I just don't know in which order the red, blue and yellow are for the cartridge itself.How do I refill my HP color ink cartridge?
Peel back the label, you will see 5 holes, three of them have colours already in them. Just follow that guide, inject the appropriate ink into the are of the sponge that is already stained with the colours.

Replace the label exactly as you found it.

Be aware that your printer will not recognize that cartridge as being full and potentially not recognize the cartridge at all. HP as integrated a memory onto all their new printers, that remembers the last 3-5 cartridges installed.How do I refill my HP color ink cartridge?
Refils can damage printers an d void any warenty
Just dip a toothpick into each hole to see what color it is. Chow

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