Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How long should the HP ink cartridge last?

How long should the HP LaserJet Print Cartridge #Q5949A last? It seems I'm replacing it every 3 weeks but we're not printing that much in the office?How long should the HP ink cartridge last?
Check the box. It sometimes tells you how many copies that the ink cartridge is rated for. Or you can ask HP.

Next, check your printer statistics. On an HP 4000 or HP 8000 series printer, if you print the configuration page, it will tell you how many pages have been printed (Page Count:).

Whenever you change the cartridge, write down the page count in a log somewhere. Then when you change it again, you will know how many pages were printed with each cartridge.

We did that at our office and found out someone was doing a little ';after-hours printing'; occasionally, which ran down the toner earlier than expected.How long should the HP ink cartridge last?
It's now how much you're printing, it's what's being printed on the actual pages that uses the ink.
it all depends on how much printing you do , if you print a lot then you Will replace your print cartridge sooner then other that do not print a lot.
You should get 2,500 pages at 5% coverage. So a more realistic estimate is about 2000 pages out of one cartridge. They are low yield with regards to laser toners.

You can set up your printer to do a page count, start next time you install a new cartridge. Somebody may be abusing the printer when you are not paying attention.
Go to your printer preferences and change your printing to DRAFT copies. This will cut down ink usage 60% - 75%. Your cartidge should last 2,000 - 2,500 pages.

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