Monday, December 21, 2009

If i refill a hp 27 ink cartridge with store brand ink will it still work?

i have a hp psc 1215 printer and i think its hp 27 ink will it still work if i refill it with a store brand ink or should i just buy compatible ink?If i refill a hp 27 ink cartridge with store brand ink will it still work?
It's cheaper to buy manufacturer clones. They are just as good and about a third or half of the price and last just as long. Most come in double packs and usually delivered within 48 hours. Been using these people for years %26gt; i refill a hp 27 ink cartridge with store brand ink will it still work?
I have refilled my ink cartridges many times already without a problem. I refill both the color and black cartridges

Friendly hint: If you attempting to fill a color cartridge, do not follow the color printed on the label. The do not match up with the color in the well. This way you won't mix your colors

Also a good idea to wear rubber gloves, lol
refill cartridges only with the manufacturer recommended mixture of ink for printer model. store brand ink mixture may be too thin or too thick which will result in damage of printer head. money saved on ink will probably be used in paying for replacement or repair of damaged printer head.
I have a Canon i850 photo printer and have been using Saitec refill ink for over 8 years now and have never had any problems, and never have had to replace my printhead.
I have a HP psc 1355 %26amp; have refilled HP56 %26amp; 57 a few times with no apparent problems apart from the mess i get in. However, i saw Asda were selling compatible cartridges to-day for under a tenner
It may work, but I have heard stories about them breaking printers.

For better quality, and everything else, buy an original HP cartridge, and then recycle the old one!
i use an epson r340 and always refill cartridges with ink, it's rubbish talk that other ink will damage your print heads, they tell you that so you will buy the makers over priced cartridges

refill ink is just as good as original ink
I don't know, but I know I wouldn't risk it! I suspect you may well get problems with the print heads, and it's not that big a price difference is it? Treat yourself hon. ;-)

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