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What can I do with empty ink cartridges from an HP 1050c? Can I sell them or get them refilled?

If you know of any websites or retail stores that can buy or refill these, please let me know. Is it worth refilling them?What can I do with empty ink cartridges from an HP 1050c? Can I sell them or get them refilled?
I honestly wouldn't risk the refill on a $7000 plotter. Refilling is imperfect, you run the risk of leakage as well as clogging of the print head. Not to mention the cost. Each on of those cartridges is going to take damn near $80 worth of ink. (a standrard refill kit will give you at most 40ml of colour, each one of your cartridges takes 350ml of ink) The cartridge itself is also smart chipped, this means that even upon refilling there is a high probability the cartridge will still not register.

Unfortunately there isn't a great resale market for those cartridges so in terms of getting some sort of return on the casing you are pretty much only looking at a $3-5 rebate off purchase.What can I do with empty ink cartridges from an HP 1050c? Can I sell them or get them refilled?
If you live in the US and there is a Staples office supply store around, they give you $3 off the purchase of new cartridges when you bring in the old one. Doesn't have to be the same either.
I refill all mine and those for my friends.

There are also some small shops just starting to open up that do nothing but re-fill ink cartridges.

Office Depot use to take $3.00 off any purchase for an empty cartridge. Or a Free ream of their printer paper. (Only 1 per day) If you want to recycle them and make a buck or 2.

Never throw out an empty ink cartridge, most places that sell them will recycle them.

I would ALWAYS use a new cartridge if the printer is still under warranty. Or if your going to be printing photos on photo paper.
you can recycle them. You should have gotten an envelope with your new cartridge that you can mail the old one in. No charge.
No, you can't get these refilled, unless you wish to use one of those truely messy and difficult to use ';ink refill kits';. They advertise these as ';easy to use'; yet they are horribly difficult and increadibly messy. There are currently no stores which refill for customers.

The reason many inkjet printers are so inexpensive is because the refill ink cartridges are expensive. Some printers allow use of a generic type of ink cartridge which helps cut down on long term cost of use. However, some printers like those from Dell Inc. require use of only their ink cartridges for replacement. These are vastly expensive and not announced as such when you purchase a printer from Dell Inc.

Now, I dated a guy who was vastly angered over this sceme of the manufacturers of printers. He had little choice but to purchase a generic ink cartridge, but when it came time to purchase a new toner cartrige he went to a printer/typewriter, etc repair shop and asked if they could refill his cartrige. They said they could do it about three times before the cartridge would not be viable any longer for refills. This took two days(they were busy) but wound up costing him five dollars. Compared to the sixtly the store was asking for a replacement, that is quite a bit of savings. As it was refillable three times for five bucks each, the total comes to fifteen dollars, verses the one hundred and eighty he would have paid for the three replacement toners. So, over all It think he had the right idea. I hope to do the same when it comes time to replace my toner.

However, right now there is nobody to refill ink cartridges. Only those do-it-yourself, horridly messy and complicated ones. I would rather pay the replacement cost than try that again. I made a huge mess and I am not a fumble bug. lol

Just take the empties into the store you will purchase the refill from and turn them in. This is on a volentary basis, if you would rathar throw them away go to it.
You can refill it but better not to. I dont think you can sell it.

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