Monday, December 21, 2009

Where to buy ink for my HP printer?

I need quality ink for a inexpensive price. I have a HP Photosmart ink jet. I need #92 black and #93 color. Whats the best sites out there?Where to buy ink for my HP printer?
at officemax you can actually get your cartridges refilled. i'm not sure of pricing tho, i've never done it myself. its true that you can purchase old cartridges online, so if you do be sure to read thru all the fine print. old ink isn't good for your papers or your printer! most ofice supply stores have off brank ink cartridges, so call ahead or go in person to track one down. or purchase online. i found some at the link below.

good luck

~jennWhere to buy ink for my HP printer?
If you choose to buy official HP branded ink, the prices will be pretty uniform throughout, but I suggest buying retail as opposed to online - an e-tailer can sell you old carts that wont print well. An alternative is going to Staples to see if they have generic, staples-branded cartridges that fit your printer.
Refill at Cartridge World.
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