Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why does my hp ink runs out right away?

I try to place it as little ink to be used and still runs off and I hardly print stuff. After the third used it's gone!!!!! Why?Why does my hp ink runs out right away?
That does seem odd that the ink would run out after only three uses. Any ink cartridge should print a few hundred pages. Are you using genuine HP ink cartridges? They do come in two sizes. The difference is in the amount of ink in them.

Have you set your printer to use less ink by printing in ';draft'; mode? Printing photos or graphics will use a lot of ink. Is the cartridge leaking or spraying out way too much ink? Are you sure it is the right cartridge? I have two HP printers and they both print many more pages per cartridge than my Dell or Lexmark printers did.

Also, did you reset the printer to indicate the cartridge was full?Why does my hp ink runs out right away?
how often do u print? maybe the ink just dry up
Yeah it has happened to me. I print 20 copies and it's already telling me that I need to replace the catrige when I already had!!! Think about it, hp ink is cheaper than lexmark
Cheap Ink?
k...I'm not sure what your asking...are you saying that your ink cartridge is running out very fast or is the ink running of the page because of setup problems...
I don't know, But if I were to guess, It's HP's way of saying '; Put non-HP ink in me!!! I'll fix your wagon. LOW INK!!!

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